Terms and Conditions

  • Unpaid trip may change trip price.
  • The above prices are estimate price. Tour price can change accouding to flight available, the public holidays and festivals of your selected country/ city and hotel room available.
  • No cancellation fee when the trip cancelled because of weather conditions, situation of country.
  • If you cancel the trip after deadline, we will proceed the process of our term and conditions .
  • We have no responsibility for any content that arise the local circumstance in your area while touring, except provided services from us.

Payment Terms and Conditions

  • You need to pay 50% deposit once you confirm the trip.
  • The remaining balance will be paid before deadline mentioned in the invoice.
  • If the customer canceled the trip after the payment is made, the fully amount of deposit will be charged.
  • Company will not be responsibility about the argument because of the other payment policy, except to the offical bank account mentioned in the invoice